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Audio Cassette Tape Production
Audio Cassette Tape Production
Audio Cassette Tapes
Audio Cassette Tape Production
Audio Cassette Tape Cases
Audio Cassette Tape
Audio Cassette Tape Production
Audio Cassette Tape
Audio Cassette Tapes
Audio Cassette Tape
Audio Cassette Tape
Audio Cassette Tape


What's your method of audio cassette tape duplication?

We load the supplied audio into our digital loop-bin which then sends the audio to our analogue duplication 'slaves'. The audio is then  duplicated onto virgin reels of audio cassette tape. The duplicated reels of tape are then loaded onto our winding machines which wind the cassette tape into empty cassette shells

What cassette tape type do you use?

Type 1 Ferric.

What's the longest audio you can duplicate onto cassette tape?

The maximum is 90 minutes in total, split as 45 minutes per side. 

My audio sides are different lengths, is this an issue?

Ideally you would try and equal-out your audio sides to avoid having space added to the end of one of your sides. For example, if your A side was 10 minutes but your B side was 20 minutes, there would be 10 minutes of space added to the A side to equal the sides out. This obviously isn't an issue for us to do, but for your customers, it may not always be the best playback  experience. 

Is Chrome tape still available?

This tape type is no longer mass produced and generally considered more appropriate for home/or studio recording purposes. 

When submitting my audio to you, what's the ideal format?

Ideally as two individual WAV files, named as Side A and Side B, both at 16-bit, 44.1khz stereo. This format is specific to our digital loop-bin. When preparing your audio for our digital loop-bin, it may be necessary for us to normalise your audio to avoid any distortion during duplication. Once your audio is ready, as with any artwork being sent, please use a file-transfer service such as WeTransfer. This should be sent to the Media Duplication Ltd team member handling your project.

What's your minimum production run for audio cassette tape duplication?

25 Units.

I'm having my order sent to an address outside the UK, do I have to pay VAT?

Any orders placed for delivery outside of the United Kingdom, including those from the EU, will not have UK VAT applied to them. However, be aware that in most, if not all, cases you (or your company) will be personally liable for local taxation within the destination country for your order. This includes deliveries to Southern Ireland. We are legally obliged to declare the correct 'invoiced' value of  your order within any customs documentation created for your order once shipped.  


To help avoid fraudsters, please take every precaution to ensure that any payments made for taxation charges are paid to the correct entity. No courier or customs/taxation authority should ever require more personal information than is logically necessary to facilitate a payment from you. If in doubt, independently check first before paying or transferring any funds.


If you have a split order where some of the order is being delivered to an address in the UK and some outside of the UK, you will only pay VAT on the UK delivered portion of your order. 

My order is being delivered to Northern Ireland, do I have to pay VAT?

Yes, you do as Northern Ireland is part of the UK. There is an additional courier surcharge which would be highlighted to you within your quotation.


Some parts of the Scottish Islands/Highlands and the Isle of Wight also attract an additional courier surcharge which would form part of your quotation. 

What about orders going to the Channel Islands?

The Channel Islands form part of the British Isles, but are VAT exempt. So orders sent to Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark, Herm, Jethou, Brecqhou, Brechou, and Lihou, would not have VAT applied. A courier surcharge would be applied for any deliveries though and would form part of your quotation. 

Although not part of the Channel Islands, the same would apply to orders going to the Isle of Man as well


Are you able to supply a pre-production sample before committing to a full production run?

Yes we can. We charge a flat-rate for this service, just ask your Media Duplication Ltd contact for current pricing based on your requirements.

How long is your production lead-time?

This will depend on when your order is placed, the volume required and the specification of your release. Your Media Duplication Ltd contact will be able to give you an approximate lead-time at the point of quotation.


If you're having any printed parts in your order, you would generally have to build in an additional 2 -3 working days for your artwork to be proofed and prepped. We'd e-mail you an artwork PDF e-proof for your approval before commencing your order. 

What are your payment terms?

Our standard terms are a pro-forma invoice payable on commencement of your order, in full via BACs only. I'm afraid we are unable to accept payments by credit card (online or by phone), wire service or payment apps at this time. 

Can I collect my order from you?

Yes, you can. This would be by arrangement only following the completion of your order and within our normal trading hours, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Our address details can be found on our CONTACT US page. 

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