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Audio Cassette Tapes
Audio Cassette Tapes



Due to the huge popularity of the VHS tape and the Camcorder, there are millions of hours of memories laying unwatched.  We can offer a complete duplication service, from tape to DVD, so you can enjoy those memories again without having to resurrect your old equipment. Getting footage converted from tape to DVD can make a really great gift for friends and family and you'll see below that we can offer a print & packaging service to create something really special. 


We can convert footage from the following formats;

  • VHS Tapes

  • VHS-C 

  • 8mm Camcorder Tapes

  • Mini DV

These tapes must be UK-PAL and recorded on a UK camera. We are unable to copy any tapes that have copyrighted material on them, unless you are able to evidence permission from the rights holder

We recommend you CONTACT US first to discuss your requirements, but here is a guide to our standard pricing;

NB: Prices based on the amount of tapes requiring conversion. 

  • 1 tape converted to one DVD - £15.00 + VAT

  • 2 - 5 tapes converted to DVD (one DVD per tape) - £12.00 each + VAT

  • 6 + tapes converted to DVD (one DVD per tape) - £10.00 each + VAT

If you require more than one copy of a converted DVD from an individual tape, there is an extra £4.00 + VAT per DVD to pay in addition to the charges stated above. 


Your converted tape DVD/s will be supplied on plain discs in a clear sleeve.


We are not able to convert tapes direct to a digital format. If you want this service, we first have to convert your tape to a DVD as above. The additional charge for conversion to digital files would be as follows:

£10.00 + VAT for the first tape, £5 + VAT per tape thereafter. 

If your converted tape DVD/s is for a gift, we can offer a print and packaging service that includes ;

  • A full colour single-sided printed sleeve (chose from a range of templates)

  • A full colour printed disc (matched to the sleeve template chosen)

  • A standard single-disc DVD hard case (a choice of black, clear or white)

Price is a fixed 'gift creation' charge of £10.00 per converted tape DVD in addition to the prices stated above. Price is based on you choosing one of our standard templates. Any other special requirements will be priced accordingly. 

Most of our customers collect from our premises in Lutterworth (LE17 4JA), but if you need us to send your items in the post for you, this will be subject to an additional charge for insured postage and packaging. If you're sending items to us, this is at your own risk and as such we highly recommend you use an insured, reputable courier/postal service with suitable packaging. 

Please note that the conversion process is done in 'real time' and as such the process cannot be expedited. When you contact us we will give you an approximate lead-time based on your requirements and our existing intake of work at the point you contact us. 

We also able to provide the following services:

  • Photographic slides, negatives and physical photos, to digital JPEG files

  • Audio cassette tape to CD / digital WAV file

  • DAT tape to CD / digital WAV file

  • Minidisc to CD / digital WAV file

NB: We don't offer any editing services, only the conversion of the item to a new physical media/or digital file. We are unable to copy any items that have/are copyrighted material on them, unless you are able to evidence permission from the rights holder.  


CONTACT US to discuss your requirements, we look forward to hearing from you.  

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